Extra time!

48 Hours Alentejo – Historic Regularity Rally 2020.

3 days event. Nonstop shooting. Chasing, passing and waiting for more than 100 classic cars.

Where to shoot? Where to stop? Who’s in 1st place? Are we lost?
Driving like crazy, fighting over a road-book with the social media master Fábio.

Did I shoot this car too many times? I love this car, let me shoot it again. Is this one old or classic? Hey, I remember this car when it was sold new. F***, I’m getting old!

Finally, lunch time, I’m starving. “Bernardo!? Can you shoot the speech?” Sure, If you have kids you learn to enjoy cold food. Uff, back to the table. “Bernardo!?”. Oh no, not on my dessert. “Anyone who touches my dessert is a dead man/ woman/ whatever!”

Back to the road. Speeding, shooting, sharing pictures for social media, almost sunset … Alentejo is just beautiful!

Dinner, speeches, medals, music, social photography on social distancing times … done!
Let’s go to the bar! Closed, COVID rules, you’re 5 minutes too late! Only option? Traveling back in time … somewhere else!
Later, charging batteries (also literally), backups, few hours to sleep and back again to the action.

Another day, more driving, shooting, shouting, running, “who’s going to win?”, podium, prizes, winners … and it’s over! Finally! Now, another 200km to get home and … start editing hundreds of pictures and send a few for the press release.

Let me just relax 5 min … “Can you take a picture of us?” Sure, why not? We just need a classic car and some extra time!

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