Road trip

Every year, me and my brother, we do a road trip on our motorcycles to the village our mother was born.

We travel from south – Algarve or Lisbon – to the north, near Guarda. No highways, never in a hurry, sometimes crossing the border to Spain and always feeling the hot summer along the road.

In this crazy year we decided to visit family and friends along the way, to stop more and ride less. So I decided this time there would be no excuses not to take some pictures.

Usually I don’t: scanning for pictures while riding is killing the fun of riding. And I don’t stop to shoot, I just shoot when I stop. So many perfect pictures I’ve “lost” on this trips but none would give me more pleasure than keeping riding. Memories and feelings are the best pictures, even if you slowly loose them as time goes by.

While we were going back to the south, I even had time to shoot my brother’s custom Harley somewhere in Alentejo.

Road, summer, food, friends, family and bikes: what else, right Clooney?

Me, by my brother’s eye. Thanks bro!

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