Pop Arc

Who decides what is “architecturally correct”?
Is there still room for spontaneous architecture?
Is modern architecture standardizing too much?

If you go to Instagram and search for #modernarchitecture how many colours do you see? It seems that modern architecture comes in just a few colours: white, brown/ orange (wood or stone) and grey.

What happened to colour?

Even the creativity seems to be following some standardisation (with exceptions, of course) with a little help of minimalism. Nothing wrong with that, generally speaking I love modern architecture (and love to shoot it).

But, is there still room for some kind of spontaneity in architecture? Is “architecturally correct” and the local laws going to limit what popular architecture and some cheerful house decoration gave us? You can call it “bad taste” or even call it “wrong” but … isn’t that already part of our landscape and culture? What about “different”?

“Why not?” is the question that keeps popping in my head when I shoot these pictures. You can almost find a “new” style that has no creator, that may be the most democratic style ever, when people decided to make their houses look better in a way that their neighbours seem to agree and follow.

Like it or not, nowadays it seems impossible to see something like this showing up on any street.

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