Strange days

As I write this post, life after quarantine it’s still trying to get back to normal. It was more than 2 months at home because of Corona virus (much fancier name than COVID-19) since middle March and now it’s time to get back to the streets.

Usually it’s in March that the commercial work starts to grow. In the Winter I have more time for my personal projects and at this time of year they get a little bit neglected.

But, because of this quarantine / isolation / stay home thing, I could spend more time on those projects, reviewing, preparing … except shooting (well, I did just a few shots to publish on my personal Facebook, for my “Quarantine” 40 shots just to pass the time and share with some of my friends).

In a moment when the streets were empty and silence became noisy, I realised that many of my personal work pictures could have been shot in a corona virus period. In fact, I rarely include people in my shots. I like to “talk” through objects, landscapes, whatever and let the imagination fill the human gap, specially because most of my pictures are questions rather than answers.

So I decided to choose some of pictures from different projects – or just some random pictures – that could have been taken in this strange days but weren’t (some are more than 5 years old). And it’s really weird to think that when I took those pictures I didn’t intend at all to represent isolation or emptiness. Two different persons can have different interpretations of one picture. Now I’ve realised that one person could have two different interpretations of the same picture, depending on the time we look at them.

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